The Entire & Real process of Private Label Cosmetic Order

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Present Situation of cosmetic industry

Nowdays The cosmetics business is booming. More and more buyer start thier own cosmetic business, and many of them have been succesfully, and make progress on the turnover.

We are a cosmetic OEM/ODM factory at hangzhou, china, can provide the private label cosmetics order service for you.

You must want to have a more better understanding of the entire and real process of how to make a private label cosmetic, right? Let me tell you below.

The Entire & Real Process of How to Make A Private Label Cosmetic

  • As a retailer, at frsit , you may need to have a logo & design for your brand, also it can help us to print the logo & design on the container and the packaging box later. Better to have the design of the packaging too, because if the packaging have many elements on , then no one can design it than yourself to show in a perfect way.
  • Then we need to choose products/shades/texture/qty&details/containers/design files together. We will use your file to match our containers and to confirm with you for final confirmation. Also we will check again all the order details, make sure it ready for production. If all ok, then customer make the order to us.
  • Then we will do pre-production sample, confirm details with our customers by videos usually. If all ok , then go ahead to do production.
  • During the production, each step will be updates to the cutsomers by video or pics. we also will check each step, each batch materials will be right and good. Production will go ahead on both side agreeed.
  • When finish the production, the products will be stick on shipping marks. And the shipping way will be confirmed with customer in advance, can be door to door, express, CIF, FOB ways etc.
  • The customer receive the goods, can sell directly.
  • The products sold out, customer repeat order.

About Custom Shades and Containers

Some customers want to make more unique order, so they do custom shades and containers, usually this way will be higher moq then normal order. and the process is , customer send us the shades /container samples, then our engineer to make it out accroding samples, send back to them to check if satisfied with it.


To sum-up, we will confirm each step with our customers, make sure they know thier order very well. Make sure they are happy and earn money, then we are happy too.

Above are what I want to share with you about the entire and real process of how to make a private label cosmetic, thank you for your watching. You can write me if you have more further questions.



Hi, I’m Kaia, the owner of, I’ve been working in export makeup products from china to worldwide for more than 4 years, If you want to make your own brand of cosmetics,just contact me,I will make you satisfied.

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